How can DAM help you manage your social media content?

For anyone managing the socials for a growing brand, you know that your social game has got to be on-point.

Creating content that stops the scroll is a helluva job. Especially now that countless brands - including your competitors - are on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok to flog their wares. 

So, that means creating loads of visual content to stand out against your competition. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fun job. Thinking up new content ideas, planning product announcements and jumping on the latest meme trends are some of the best parts of social media marketing. 

But, you know what’s not fun? Managing all that content in a shared drive. *groan

Having folders upon folders of images and videos, incorrectly labelled and scattered across your team’s emails, Dropbox or Google Drive is certainly not ideal. 

Searching for the latest product shots becomes a chore and just takes away the time you could be spending connecting with potential customers, planning new campaigns and listening to your competitors. 

If this sounds like you then we think it’s time to bring digital asset management (DAM) into the fold. 

Why do social media marketers need digital asset management?

If you’ve not heard of DAM before, this is a tool that gives a home to your brand’s visual content. That’s product photography, video ads, logos - the list goes on. 

For social media marketers, this is a place to organise and deploy that scroll-stopping content that’ll make your followers convert. 🤑 It’s a place to collaborate with influencers, organise user-generated content and find your campaign images in seconds.  

Take a look at my post all about digital asset management to find out more. 

If you want to find out how it can specifically boost your social media marketing efforts, read on. 🤓

How can DAM help you manage your social content?

 To understand how DAM can help you manage social, let’s have a look at some ways your content might be giving you grief: 

You can’t find what you need - Imagine you’ve got a new summer clothing line coming out and need to find the perfect image for an Instagram campaign. Searching for that image can be incredibly time-consuming. Your marketing team could have popped it in a Dropbox folder labelled ‘summer’. Or, better yet, it’s buried as an attachment in their email inbox. By the time you hunt down the product shot, the summer will be over and you’ll be heading back into winter again. 

Cropping takes too much time - If you do find that image before it’s too late, how are you optimising them for each of your social platforms? The repetitive downloading and uploading to and from image conversion tools is painful. Not to mention the space it takes up in your ‘downloads’ folder. 

You’ve got too much content - Sure, it’s not the worst headache to have, but too much visual content can get overwhelming. Whether you’re creating your own graphics, you’ve got freelance photographers or managing user-generated content (or all three), you just can’t keep a handle on it all from your desktop. 

A good DAM will cut out all of this faffing around. Not only that, but you can share your campaign images directly from your digital asset management tool to social media management tools such as Hootsuite (if you’re using Dash).  

Sound good? Well, we’ve got more where that came from. Take a look at these key DAM features that’ll help you get more out of your social media content. 


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Find what you need, fast

We’ve already mentioned the pain of shared drives and hunting down product images. A key feature of DAM is the ability to search with ease. 

Using AI and auto-tagging, many DAM tool tags up your images to make searching super simple. If you use Dash (that’s us), your images can automatically be tagged on upload and you can add your own tags. So if you’re looking for a particular product, you can simply type a keyword into the search bar and you’ll get all relevant search results in seconds. 

Crop your images to size 

Social media has a tonne of different image requirements. The list seems endless. Whether it’s an image for a Facebook shopping ad or a product shot on Instagram - you need to crop it to size it every…single…time. 🥱

Well, not with DAM. Sizing for banners, timeline ads, sponsored content, stories and is usually set up for you (take a look at our example below). In Dash, you can also create custom sizing, crop or resize based on your needs. No more relying on a designer. 

Easily share product shots 

Sharing is the name of the game when it comes to social media. And we’re not just talking about retweets and IG stories. 

Perhaps you’ve got an external PR agency or paid social media team who needs the latest product shots ASAP. You won’t need to worry about email chains and expired WeTransfer links with DAM. Simply click on the image you want to share and generate a link to share with anyone who needs it. 

What’s more, you can create public portals in Dash that gives anybody access to a series of assets you’d like to share. 

Portal - left (1)

Protect your social influencers 

There’s no getting away from influencer marketing. And it’s certainly not going anywhere. Did you know that micro-influencers (social accounts with 1k-5k followers) have the highest engagement rate (5%) over any type of influencer account? Sorry Kim K.

So, if you don’t currently run any influencer campaigns - you’ll want to hop on the bandwagon. Here's a template brief you can use if you want to start working with influencers.

But whether you’re chasing celebs for their endorsement, or using a smaller influencer in your niche, you’ve got to keep an eye on any contracts. 

Influencer campaigns (like most campaigns) run for a specific amount of time. Unlike most other campaigns, you can get into hot water if you use influencer-sponsored content past the timeframe outlined in your contracts.

Well, DAM's got you covered here, too. 

In Dash, for example, you can tag your image or video files with a campaign name and connect it to a contract using that same tag. Then add expiry dates so your team knows which influencer content they can or cannot use - and for how long. You avoid any licensing issues with easy access to tagged contracts and consent forms.

Make the most of your user-generated content

 Aside from influencers, user-generated content (UGC) is a fantastic way to connect with potential customers. In fact, 79% of consumers say UGC highly impacts their purchasing decisions
But if you’re gathering lots of images from your customers, how can you best organise them and deploy them out into your feeds? 

You guessed it - with your DAM tool. 

Take one of our customers, Forthglade. They connect Dash with their website, where customers can send in images of their dogs for their ‘Dog of the Month’ competition. 

Once the images have been sent in, the team can then scroll through and use a star rating to determine the reining pooch! (I know, it sounds like an awful job, doesn’t it? 🐶 ) 

Link up with your social media tools 

Pushing your gorgeous content out into the world is what makes digital asset management such a dream. Downloading and re-uploading from shared drives takes up far too much time. Instead, many DAMs cut out the middle man by allowing you to pull your assets directly into your social tools. 

Take Hootsuite, for instance. When you’re creating a social post, you can pull in any images from your Dash directly into the post. So a quick LinkedIn post about your brand can be created in just a few clicks. ✨

Level-up your social 🚀

And there we have it. All the ways DAM can help you showcase your brand and products on social! If you fancy sacking off the shared drives and getting a handle on your visual content, you can give it a go with Dash. Simply sign up for a 14-day free trial (no credit card required) and start deploying your images and video into your feeds. 


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