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Find your images and video fast. Search your visual content with Dash and save hours each day.
Combine auto tags with your own custom attributes - like product lines and marketing campaigns.
You'll never lose another file again.

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Automatic tags for ultra-fast searching

Tag objects

Dash can tag objects for you. Search 'chair' and all your chair pictures will appear.


Find images by location

If your image has geolocation metadata of where it was taken, you can search by address text.


Search by text in image

Dash uses OCR. Long story short, it means you can search by any text that might be featured in your images.


"The time it takes to search for photos has decreased dramatically since we started using Dash"

Itziar Castro, Marketing Coordinator, Orca

The freedom to organise your assets how you want

Dash gives you the tools to organise your creative assets in a way that makes sense for your brand.

Your Dash, your rules

Think of how your team want to search for assets. Is it by product, campaign or the influencer who took the photo?


Once you know that, the rest is easy. Create your own attributes, tags and filters and your team will be able to find what they need.


Keep personal collections

Group images and videos across your brand's Dash into your own personal collections.


Create collections of images you'd like to use in your next campaign or assets for a top secret project you're working on - your secret's safe with Dash.


Build a folder structure that works for you

Sometimes, only a good old folder will do it.

Use folders on Dash to collect together different types of assets so your team have everything they need for their project - without having to go hunting.


Dash users are saving time

  • Abigail-DashReview


    Marketing Executive

    "Great image library tool"

    The tagging option means it's so easy to search for an image rather than having to scroll through hundreds or thousands of pictures or trying to remember the name you saved it as in your computer drive.

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  • Michael-DashReview


    Business Manager

    "Simple and excellent value"

    The easy tagging and search functions have absolutely minimised the search times. Our designers get what they want within minutes, mostly in seconds.

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  • Anon-Review



    "Make finding and sending digital content so much easier!"

    Dash has allowed me to easily find a compile images and digital content to be able to share at a click of a button. Rather than search through folder after folder, the content is easy to find and sort through.

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"I'm saving hours of photo searching"

- Sannah, marketing manager at charity IDRF


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