Dash integrations

View our current digital asset management integrations below. If you've got the coding chops, create your own Dash integration with our custom REST API.

Google Drive

Import files from your Google Drive straight into Dash. The integration will keep your existing folder structure, and it’ll automatically remove duplicates for your. Pretty handy, huh? Check the article for details on how to set this up.

Adobe Creative Suite

With Dash’s CI HUB connector, download images from your Dash directly into your designs when you’re using Adobe Creative Suite. No more switching back and forth between windows and applications when editing your creative files.


Upload your video and image files from Dropbox into Dash, while keep your existing folder structure. This can be super helpful if you’re using a local Dropbox folder to collect together assets you want in your DAM. Now you can do the cherry-picking all from Dash!


Pull images directly from Dash to Hootsuite and then share with your audience. When a new asset is added to a folder in Dash, you'll have it immediately available in Hootsuite. Schedule and share posts with your most up-to-date content while still using the tools you love.


Building or updating product listings in your Shopify account? Drop your photos from Dash straight into your product pages - all without ever leaving Shopify. Get in touch and we’ll send you a link to connect your accounts.

Microsoft Office

Connect your Microsoft Office applications - from PowerPoint to Word - using Dash’s CI HUB connector. This integration lets you drop images from your Dash directly into the document or presentation you’re working on.


Drop images from Dash straight into your designs. Once connected, you’ll be able to search, find and use your Dash images - all without leaving Canva.


Tired of using PDF style guides you have to manually edit and resend every time you want to makes changes? Keeping your brand consistent is hard enough as it is. Create your living online brand book with Corebook using assets stored on your Dash - from images and video, to font files and documents.


Dash integrates with SharePoint through our CI HUB connector! This means you’re now able to send assets housed on your SharePoint straight over to your Dash account where you can properly tag and organise them.

Google Workspace

Use the CI HUB connector to sync Dash to your Google Workspace. That means you’ll be able to drop assets stored in your Dash directly into your Slides, Docs and more.


35% of the web uses WordPress, but it can be tricky finding images and video without having to search endlessly for them. Use this Zapier connection to upload Dash images directly to WordPress's media library without having to fumble between systems.


Don't let switching between apps interrupt your flow when you're in the zone. When you're working on designs in Figma, add in images from your Dash using the CI HUB connector - without having to leave your Figma account.


Add graphics in to your Sketch designs straight from your Dash - without you having to go and download them. Connect Dash to Sketch through our CI HUB integration, and you'll be up and running in no time.


Want to create your own native integration between Dash and an app of your choice? If you’ve got developer knowledge, then our REST API is ready and available for you to use.


This Zapier integration adds assets shared in Slack to your Dash without extra effort. You'll also receive a Slack message whenever a new asset is added to Dash or a specific folder within Dash.


Keep your Box and your Dash in-sync. When a file is added to a specific Box folder, this Zapier integration automatically adds that file to your Dash account.


Use Zapier to link your Dash and Gmail accounts. Get notified with a Gmail when new assets are uploaded. And if you’re writing in Gmail, drop images or videos from your Dash straight into your email as attachments.


CI HUB lets you connect Dash to your design programmes - like Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch and Figma. It means you can work on your designs and drop assets straight into them from your Dash, whilst working in your design apps.


Zapier lets you connect Dash with literally thousands of other apps. It means you get to automate your work - without having to know any code!

FAQs on integrations

What's CI HUB?

CI HUB is the application we use to connect Dash with your favourite design tools - like Adobe Creative Suite, Figma and Sketch. You'll need a paid CI HUB account to make use of this.

Do you have an API?

We do indeed. If you want to build your own integration between Dash and another app our REST API is available for you to use. More information can be found here.

Will you be adding more native integrations?

We're always on the look out for ways to make Dash even more useful. If you'd like us to consider a new integration for Dash, feel free to get in touch.

Will you be building more Zapier Zaps?

But of course! We've already added Dash custom Zapier Zaps for tools like Slack and are on the lookout for more that'd be useful. Email us if you have any suggestions.

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