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  • Marketing Manager using DAM


    Marketing Manager

    "Dash is an ideal, affordable DAM "

    I'm saving 1-2hrs a day not having to dig up assets for people across the business – they can now find what they need directly in Dash super quickly!

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  • Social media executive using digital asset management software


    Social Media Executive

    "Has changed the way we work"

    We've loved using it! ... Working collaboratively is so much easier, as well as finding the content we need straight away.

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  • Marketing Manager loves DAM


    Marketing Manager

    "Saving hours of photo searching"

    The speed at which we can see the photos is so beneficial ... using Dash has become a delightful and quick process in the day.

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"Being able to filter content effectively is my favourite thing ... It makes it so much easier to find everything."
David Keefe, Graphic Design Manager, Forthglade
"It’s saved me a lot of time. I don’t have to be the bottleneck anymore!"
Sannah Khan, Marketing Manager, IDRF
"Honestly I can’t see us outgrowing Dash for a long time, if ever."
Nathan Oakley, COO, RJ Living
"The time it takes to search for photos has decreased dramatically since implementing Dash."
Itziar Castro, Marketing Coordinator, Orca
"When someone new (joins), I feel confident that they know where things are. It gives me peace of mind."
Amber Salomone, Social Media and Content Executive, Fashion Retail Academy
"Before Dash, I’d put a lot of effort into [content] ... It would just be saved in random folders, hoping that somebody, someday might find it."
Tom Swain, Content and Social Media Manager, JCT600
"Dash has vastly improved our team’s productivity."
Tim Klabunde, Director of Marketing, Timmons Group

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