Use assets across channels, effortlessly

So you've had your files back from your designer, or your videos back from your producer. What now?

Creating great content is only half the battle. Deploy your assets across your marketing channels easily, all from Dash.


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"I'd recommend Dash to other brands because they'd improve the way they're working for sure."

Itziar Castro, Marketing Coordinator, Orca

Embed images and video on your site

Securely embed images on your site from your Dash.

If you update the asset in your Dash, it'll be updated on your site too. Plus it means you don't have to find things in your CMS's clunky media library. A win win, if you ask us.


Set your download and crop sizes

From homepage banners to product image shots, every brand has dimensions unique to them.

Set your own sizes for downloading and cropping. Save the time and effort you'd spend in a photo editor and do it all within your Dash.


Send your assets out on social

Use Dash's preset social media crop sizes to get your assets ready. Then connect your Hootsuite to attach images and video to your social posts as you create them.

This is just one of the ways Dash connects to the other marketing tools you use every day.


Speed up your marketing

Speed up the time it takes to get content in front of customers. Upload images and video to Dash. Then send them out to your channels in a few clicks.

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