Top 27 Shopify apps for your ecommerce store in 2022
There are multiple moving parts to running a successful ecommerce store and it will regularly feel like you’re spinning 1,231,303 plates at any given time – especially if you don’t have the help you need to succeed.

Luckily (big sigh of relief), Shopify has more than 6,000 apps in its directory for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Need help sending emails? There’s an app for that. Want to get on top of your inventory? Shopify’s gotcha.

We’ve done the heavy lifting for you and compiled a list of 26 Shopify apps that will take your brand to the next level. They’re broken into these categories:

  • Wholesale
  • Print-on-demand
  • Affiliate programmes
  • SEO
  • Email marketing
  • Abandoned cart
  • Dropshipping
  • Translation

Let’s get cracking, shall we?

Wholesale apps

Wholesale apps help brands looking to use the wholesale model find and list products, as well as allow customers to buy products directly through the app.

1. Wholesale Gorilla

Wholesale Gorilla Shopify app

Wholesale Gorilla makes it easy to pick and choose inventory from a selection of wholesale products that customers can access directly. When a customer is logged in, they can unlock lower prices and deals.

Top Features
Sell more with the help of discounted prices
Allows approved customers to access exclusive features and wholesale prices
Give your customers the freedom to shop now, pay later
Quick order forms for immediate buying

Free trial (30-days)
Standard Plan($39.95/£32.80 per month)
Professional Plan($129.95/£106.75 per month)

2. Wholesaler 

Wholesaler Shopify app

Wholesale Genuis makes it easy for brands using the wholesale model to find products and assign competitive pricing. It’s easy to create discount groups and add wholesale customers to the app where they can unlock juicy deals.

Top Features
Promises fast results with a quick order volume option
Increase revenue with fast checkout option
Ship bulk orders to various locations
Net payment terms that are simple to use

Free Plan

Product review apps

97% of buyers use product reviews to decide whether or not to make a purchase. Review apps automate the review collection process, sending timely request emails, SMS, and push notifications to customers before adding their reviews to the relevant product pages. Bye-bye manual review collection!

3. Fera

Fera ShopifyFera is an app for product reviews. It allows brands to collect reviews from customers (including photos and videos) and add them to the relevant product pages. The review display can be customised to suit your store’s branding to ensure pages look beautiful and drive conversions.

Top Features
Create a good first impression with verified badges.
Earn the trust of your customers by featuring the best reviews
Reply, import, and manage your reviews with one app.
Rise the review number by offering incentives

Free trial (14-day)
Start-up ($9/£7.39 per month)
Small ($29/£23.80 per month)
Medium ($29/£23.80 per month)

4. Judge me 

Judge me Shopify app creates user-friendly review widgets you can add to your site in a couple of clicks – no code required. Automate the review collection process by sending out well-timed text messages, emails, and push notifications, and even reward reviewers with incentives.

Top Features
Gather reviews from different platforms in one place
Highlight positive reviews to close more deals

Free-for-lifetime Plan
Paid Plan ($15/£12.30 per month)

5. Loox 

Loox Shopify app

Loox is all about visual reviews. It automatically encourages shoppers to share photos and videos of their purchases to increase conversions and rewards those who refer the brand to their friends, family, and followers. You can also get tips from Loox's product review email template to send out to your customers. 

Top Features
Customer incentives for photo reviews
Impressive built-in display for different formats of reviews
Offers automatic review requests
A variety of plans for different sizes of businesses

14- day free trial
Basic ($9.99/£8.20 per month)
Advanced ($29.99/£24.60 per month)
Pro ($59.99/£49.29 per month)
Unlimited ($99.99/£82.10 per month)

Print-on-demand apps

Print-on-demand apps allow customers to create their own, personalised products in just a few clicks. You don’t need to hold inventory if you sell custom products (a.k.a. print-on-demand products), but you do need to make it easy for customers to create and get their orders.

6. Printful

Printful Shopify app

Printful has a catalogue full of customisable products. You can use their app for online t-shirt printing,  mugs, t-shirts, bags, and hats. You can bulk order products directly through the app or direct customers to the app where they can customise products themselves.

Top Features
Super extensive range of products
Intuitive interface to get them hooked
Quickly customized products for the go!
Premium quality customization– from t-shirts to accessories.

14-day free trial
Paid Plan ($9/£7.39 per month)

7. Gelato

Gelato Shopify app

Gelato serves customers in 30+ countries and has an impressive catalogue of 100+ products ranging from cups to apparel. You can even order print-on-demand wall art. Connect your store to the app to access hundreds of customisable products and make it easy for shoppers to personalise their purchases.

Top Features
Impressive product variety to cater to a greater audience with 150+ products
100+ product hubs to sell globally

Free Plan
Gelato+ ($14.99/£12.30 per month)
Gelato+ Gold ($599/£492 per year)

8. Apliiq

Apliiq Shopify app

Apliiq specialises in print-on-demand clothing - so you know you're in good hands if your brand sells apparel. They'll help you do everything from choosing products to customising them for each customer, before delivering them door to door.

Top Features
A library of budget-friendly and classy options
Get your orders shipped while you sit and enjoy!

Free plan (Charges on a per product basis)

Affiliate program apps

Affiliate programs turn your customers into your biggest marketers. Shoppers get a unique link they can share with their friends, family, and followers and earn a commission when they make a sale through that link. Affiliate program apps help you set up campaigns, generate unique links, and monitor the success of your affiliates.

9. Refersion

Refersion Shopify App
Easily add affiliates to your store with Refersion. Identify who your best customers are, create unique affiliate links for them, and provide them with the information and material they need to succeed. The app also includes powerful measurement tools so you can see exactly how each affiliate is performing. It's also a good choice if you're looking for an affiliate marketing program for Shopify. 💡

Top Features
High-level analysis of growth
Excellent customer support!

Free Plan
Upgrade Plan ($99/£81.30 per month)

10. ReferralCandy

Referral Candy Shopify app

ReferralCandy plays on the power of word-of-mouth marketing by creating a central place to reward shoppers. Encourage your best customers to recommend your brand and products to their network with a referral incentive and unique URL. It won't be long before you can cash in on the extra sales. Make sure you leverage the extensive metrics dashboard to determine how referrals are impacting your bottom line.

Top Features
Design everything your way–ReferralCandy's theme editor is super convenient!
See your sales number multiplying with the help of word-of-mouth.

Starts at $49/£40.20 per month

11. Affiliatly

Affiliatly Shopify app

Affiliatly automatically generates unique affiliate links for customers who want to earn a little commission on their recommendations. You can instantly track the success of each link from within the app and identify who your most effective ambassadors are.

Top Features
Increases purchases without you having to do anything
Get a rundown of your progress

Starts from $16/£13 per month

SEO apps

Improving your SEO will bump your site up the search results and drive more organic traffic. More traffic means more sales. These SEO apps help you boost your visibility in the SERPs and attract more traffic with powerful optimisation features and performance reviews.

12. SEO Suite 

SEO Suite Shopify app

Product images are a key part of any ecommerce site. SEO Suite monopolises this niche part of SEO by optimising product images with the right keywords and alt text.

Top Features
It adds alt-tags automatically in the images.
Tons of SEO features like meta tags and rules, HTML sitemap, and more

Free Plan
$29/£23.80 per month

13. SEO doctor 

SEO Dr Shopify app

SEO Doctor looks after the most important ranking factors and updates taglines, meta descriptions, and keywords automatically. It provides an overview of your current SEO performance, areas that need improvement, and suggestions for optimisation strategies you can put in place right away.

Top Features
Automated alt-texts to new images
Keeps an eye upon the SEO issues regularly

Basic-automated ($14.99/£12.30 per month)
Pro-automated ($29/£23.80 per month)
Enterprise ($79/£64.80 per month)

14. SEO Booster
SEO Booster Shopify app

SEO Booster checks and fixes SEO issues, researches and recommends well-performing, relevant keywords, and tracks organic traffic. It automatically runs regular SEO audits to identify areas of improvement and makes effective suggestions to enhance your optimisation efforts.

Top Features
Easily integrate with any device: desktop, tablet, and mobile
Fix on-site SEO automatically

Pro Plan ($24.99/£20.50 per month)

Email marketing apps

Email marketing is integral for staying in touch with your customers and keeping them updated on the fulfillment process. Email marketing apps can send bulk emails, create targeted lists, and improve your email marketing efforts.

15. NotifyVisitors 

Notify Visitors

NofityVisitors offers a mix of marketing automation tools for your Shopify store. They'll help you take your marketing game to the next level by letting you launch email, SMS and push campaigns. These tools are easy to use and don't require any coding. 🙌

Top Features
A drag-and-drop email editor for customisable templates
Automated campaigns
In-depth campaign analytics report
Send personalised campaigns
A/B test campaigns to get the best outcomes

The free plan starts at $0
The startup plan starts at $49
For the Enterprise plan, you'll need to contact them

16. Sendinblue

Prepare for take off Shopify app

Sendiblue is a specialist email marketing solution for ecom brands. Set up abandoned cart campaigns, product suggestions, and personalised email flows for each and every customer.

Top Features
Send automated special offers, promotions, and confirmation emails
Divide your target audience into various chunks based on their current touchpoints

Free plan
Lite ($20/£16.40 per month)
Premium ($50/£41 per month)
Enterprise (get a quote)

17. Klaviyo

Klaviyo Shopify app

Klaviyo kicks off its site with a bold claim: for each dollar spent, users make $85. The tool boasts powerful automation features made especially with online merchants in mind. The app recommends email flows, allows you to hyper-segment your customers based on their behaviour, and create personalised, timely campaigns that drive revenue. They also support text marketing - ideal if you're looking to build up your SMS marketing strategies

Top Features
Personalised emails, promotion alerts, cart reminders, and more.
Fully-supplied templates for on-point marketing

Email ($20/£16.40 per month)
SMS ($5/£4.10 per month)

18. Active Campaign 

Active Campaign

ActiveCampaign is an automated email and messaging tool that makes it easy to segment customers, build complex email campaigns and monitor the success of your email marketing efforts. There are dozens of pre-made email templates and integrations to get you started as quickly as possible and help you build a customer acquisition plan.

Top Features
Encourage personalized pitches using customer data
Create email flows

Paid plan ($15/£12.30 per month)

Abandoned cart apps

One of the biggest bugbears for ecommerce owners is customers adding items to their cart and disappearing into the ether. Abandoned cart apps deploy timely email and text reminders to shoppers who have products waiting in their cart.

19. PushOwl web push notifications

PushOwl Shopify app

Push notifications are the best way to remind your customers about literally anything. Plan web push campaigns with PushOwl notifications to remind customers they have an item in their cart.

Top Features
Personalized cart campaigns for better outcomes
Automatic cart reminders to the rescue!

Free plan
Business ($19/£15.60 per month)
Enterprise (custom)

20. Abandoned cart recovery email

Abandoned Cart Recovery Shopify app

Abandoned Cart recovery email automatically tracks every customer and every cart. It fires off timely recovery emails that can be personalised based on shopper behaviour, as well as popups to capture and convert subscribers.

Top Features
Offers rewards and bounties to attract the customers back
Sends automated cart reminders

Paid plan($12/£9.85 per month)

21. Rivo abandoned cart recovery

Rivo Abandoned Cart Recovery Shopify app

Rivo abandoned cart recovery helps you recover abandoned carts via email, SMS, and push notifications. It tracks the cart of every customer and identifies those who have abandoned their products before sending well-timed reminders.

Top Features
A variety of reminders, including SMS, push alerts, and emails
Recover your losses and reduce the cart-abandon
Sends the right promotions and notifications at the right time

Starter ($15/£12.30 per month)
Pro ($49/£40.20 per month)

Dropshipping apps

Dropshipping businesses come with a looot of challenges (but also a lot of rewards, too!). Dropshipping apps automate this type of business model by giving you access to hundreds of products from hundreds of suppliers. The apps then streamline the process, managing stock and shipping.

22. Oberlo

Oberlo Shopify app

Oberlo is a comprehensive way to build a successful dropshipping store. It automates purchases, keeps track of your customers, and helps you pick and choose the right products. For example, if you want to sell apparel, Orbelo will help you find a wholesale clothing supplier to kick-start your sales. 

Top Features
A long collection to find anything and everything you want to sell
Pay after you get paid!
Takes care of shipping without you sneaking into the process

Explorer (Free)
Boss ($29.90/£24.50 per month)

23. Spocket

Spocket Shopify app

With a huge network of 50,000+ entrepreneurs, Spocket is a firm favourite for successful dropshipping businesses. It provides access to thousands of products and creates an all-in-one place to manage orders.

Top Features
Sell globally with their suppliers from the EU and US
Handle finances like a pro!

Starter ($24/£19.70 per month)
Pro ($49/£40.25 per month)
Empire ($99/£81.30 per month)


Eprolo Shopify app

EPROLO helps you manage unified supply chains, create customised packages, and deploy super fast delivery. Everything from product selection to order management is carried out within the app to streamline the process from start to finish.

Top Features
Work on more important tasks while EPROLO takes care of orders
Sell all around the world
Build credibility with customized orders
Two quality checks before delivery

Free plan
Basic ($19/£15.60 year)
Advanced ($99/£81.30 year)

Translation apps

Expanding your store means reaching more peeps–wherever they may be in the world and whatever language they speak. Translation apps automatically translate pages on your website so that shoppers can use your store in their preferred language.

25. Translation Lab

Translation Lab Shopify app

With a rating of 4.9 stars, Translation Lab makes it easy to translate your product pages so they resonate with a global audience. Plug the pages you want to translate into the app and it will automatically translate them in seconds. It also manages different currencies and automatically applies the right exchange rates to your products.

Top Features
Automated translation as the visitor comes in
Transact with over 160 currencies
Immediately translate all pages, including the home page, product, etc
Language switcher for the visitor's convenience, along with flags.

Free Plan (up to 2,000 words)
Paid Plan ($9.99/£8.20 per month)

26. Transcy

Transcy Shopify app

Transcy is a user-friendly language translation tool that makes it super simple to translate your website into multiple languages in just a couple of clicks. The app uses AI technology to translate pages into different languages, apply local currencies, and update the content of each page based on where each shopper is located.

Top Features
On-point SEO optimization
All translations at one destination

Free Plan
Basic ($9.90/£8.10 per month)
Growth ($19.90/£16.35 per month)
Premium ($39.90/£32.75 per month)

27. Weglot

Weglot Shopify app

Weglot offers 100+ language translations for ecommerce website owners and has received over 1,090 5-star ratings–we like the odds on that! In a couple of clicks, you can create a multi-lingual website to attract shoppers in multiple different countries.

Top Features
A fully translated site in 5 minutes
Edit the translated content
Easy integration with any Shopify store

Free Plan (up to 2000 words)
Paid Plan (€99/£81.30 per year)

Choose the right Shopify apps for your store

Choosing the right tech stack is crucial to your store's growth. To get it right, identify your goals, monitor your strengths and weaknesses, then choose the apps that will be your biggest partners in success.

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