Get UGC and content from contributors with guest uploads

Whether you've launched a user-generated content (UGC) campaign or have a photographer on location ready to send in shots, the process of managing new assets can be a headache. You've got to get the visuals in the first place, give feedback on them, then put them in a place where they're easy to find to be used by the rest of your team.

Well, the process just got a little easier with Dash's new 'guest upload' feature. We'll show you how it works, using the example of a houseplant ecommerce brand launching a UGC campaign as an example.

1. Create your guest upload link

First, log into your Dash and go to admin, then select 'guest upload links'. You can have multiple guest upload links, and this is where you'll go to manage them.

When you start creating a new one, decide on the name. This will be added to your asset in Dash so you know where it came from.

Then type in your welcome message. For this example, we want to include this in an emailed link to customers after they purchase a houseplant from us. If they upload a photograph of their purchase, we'll feature them on our Instagram.

Setting up guest upload link UGC

2. Decide where you want your guest uploads to live

Next, you'll be asked to select a folder on Dash (or create a new one) where all the assets added from your guest upload link will move into. 

As this is a UGC campaign, we've created a folder specifically for it.

UGC guest upload folder

3. Start using your guest upload link

Now the next bit is over to your guest uploader. In this example, a Planto customer will be prompted to visit this page to upload pictures of their products as part of an after-sale nurture campaign.

This is what their upload screen will look like.


Once they've put in their email, they can upload their happy plant selfies.


4. Approve your content as it comes in

Now, the next time a Planto staff admin logs in, they'll see they have new assets to approve from their homepage. It'll look a little something like this:

Screenshot-2023-06-09-at-10.31.40They can click into each asset and see where the image or video waiting for their approval came from. In this instance, it's clear the cringe selfie of me with my money plant came from Planto's UGC campaign.


Using Dash's newly-enhanced upload approval features, they can either reject the asset (don't worry, your customers won't be notified) or accept it into the correct Dash folder.

That's just one of the ways Dash can help your growing ecommerce brand manage, find, share and use your visuals.

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