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Tired of colleagues using outdated brand assets because they can’t find the new ones?
Dash is the simplest brand management system to keep your brand content consistent, up-to-date, and accessible.
Stay in control of all your brand assets as your company grows. Organise, find, and share files at speed- from just £79 / $109 a month.

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Your brand's single source of truth

Create one centralised place for all your brand assets. Store all your logo variations, images, videos, style guides, and font files in Dash and give your team access to up-to-date content.


Organise the way your team wants using folders and unlimited custom fields.


Search your brand content fast

Your team doesn’t have to dig through folder after folder to find content. Dash automatically applies tags to content when uploaded. Combine Dash auto-tags and custom fields to find files in seconds.


Branded file sharing

Sharing content through off-brand shared drives? Apply your own logo, brand colours, and imagery in Dash and share files on-brand internally, or externally.


Simply share content using email or URL. Dash makes sharing with external partners even easier with portals.


Build your online brand guide 

Do away with ye olde style guide PDF. Take yours online using Dash's integration with Corebook.


Drop brand graphics and fonts from Dash into Corebook, then share with your designer. It's editable and beautifully presented - just like your brand deserves.

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Keep your team on-brand

Approve uploads

You're in control. Have content creators upload new assets to your Dash, ready for your approval (or rejection). Make only approved assets available to the rest of your team.

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Make sure latest versions are used

Just updated an asset? Let users who downloaded the older version know with an automatic email notification.


Decide who gets to see what

Give teammates and partners access to the files they need, but keep any secret branding project - well, secret. Create permission groups - like ‘design team' - to keep everyone on the same page.


Nothing out-dated gets used

Set expiry dates, so nothing gets used passed it should. Rest easy knowing that the Christmas version of your logo won't be used in July.

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We've a 95% client retention rate thanks to our award-winning customer support.

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