Dash wins DAM Small Business Awards in G2’s Spring 2022 Reports

G2’s Spring 2022 reports were released this week. And we were thrilled to see our customers had helped Dash win a whole host of new awards in the digital asset management category!

For those who don’t know, G2’s an influential review site for businesses deciding which software to buy. As one G2 rep memorably described it (shout-out to Holly) - it’s like “a TripAdvisor for software”.

Here’s a quick breakdown of all the awards Dash received.

Small brands find it the easiest to work with us

Dash is built for growing brands. So one of the awards we were most proud of was winning the DAM that small businesses found it easiest to work with!


Our customer success team (Charlie, Martin and Emily) work tirelessly to provide the best support for small businesses - regardless of whether you’re a customer or just trying Dash out. Here’s what some of our reviewers said:

“The customer support is excellent. Did I mention that the customer support is excellent?” - Simon, Creative Director

“I've been most impressed with their customer service. If there’s a problem … they've responded right away and gone above and beyond to help get the situation resolved.” - Maria, Multimedia Specialist

“The customer service has been top notch and very accommodating to our needs so far.” - David, Graphic Designer


Simple to get to grips with

Dash’s interface is designed to be easy to use - so even the least tech-savvy person on your team can understand it. And the more they can figure out themselves, the less they’ll bother you for ad-hoc tech support. Everyone wins!

  • Easiest Admin (Small Business)
  • Easiest to Use (Small Business and Mid-Market)
  • Easiest Setup (Small Business)


“The whole Dash interface is very easy to understand from first use, making it easy for people across teams to adopt it into their day-to-day.” - Will, Marketing Manager

“It's so easy to use - intuitive, great help function and very supportive and highly responsive team at Dash if you get really stuck.” - Claire, Director


Fastest DAM to get going with

Large brands have more complex requirements, meaning it often takes longer for them to set their DAM up. Not so for Dash! We want our customers to get up and going as quickly as possible, so they can start getting value from Dash. We won:

  • Fastest Implementation (Mid-Market)
  • Best estimated ROI (Small Business)


Dash is going places 🚀

We’ve had a busy 2022. We’ve rebranded, launched on a new marketing site, rolled out new product features and are growing the team. So it was very gratifying to get a Momentum Leader award!


Thanks to our customers!

To every person using Dash who took the time to leave us a review - thank you from all of us! 💖 If you’re also a Dash customer and fancy helping us out, feel free to leave your honest feedback on G2.

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