Let’s get straight to the point. Knowing you’re going to get a good return on investment (ROI) on a new software product for your business should be a driving force behind your purchases. Digital asset management (DAM) is no exception.

For small and medium businesses especially, every penny counts. We know because we’re one ourselves. Why would you waste that hard-earned profit on a tool that gives you nothing back?

Let us answer that one for you. ✨

We’ll answer:

Why should you buy a DAM solution?

A digital asset management solution is a software tool that provides a home to your brand’s visual content (or digital assets). That’s anything from video content and photography to logos and infographics. It’s a place where you and your teams can go to find and share the visuals you need to build your marketing campaigns.

At the moment, you're probably spending too much time searching for content in your shared drives, Google Drive or Dropbox. With DAM, you can host it all in one place, and find it in seconds.

What ROI can you expect from a DAM?

You're ready to pull the trigger and get yourself a DAM. But your manager is holding the purse strings and needs you to prove it's worth the investment.

Don't panic! Here are some points you can make to get them on your side:

You’ll get your time back

Sure, it sounds like a cliché, but it's true - time is money.

The hours you spend searching for your images and videos wastes so much time. If you pick a good one, DAM could save you hours.

Take one of our clients, Kelly Wynne. Before Dash, they were using Google Drive to store and manage product shots. As Kaitlyn, the VP of Brand, Demand and Community says:

“I was spending two hours at a time looking for one image. Not the best use of my time with such a small team! I told Kelly, our CEO, that I was basically being paid to find images.”

Consider your own teams. How much they’re paid to hunt around for assets? That’s time (and money) they could spend getting creative with new marketing campaigns. 💡

And, this is exactly what they’re doing at Kelly Wynne:

“When we’re looking at the bottom line, I always tell Kelly [company founder and Kaitlyn’s boss] that we could be paying Dash X amount, or she could be paying me X amount an hour to search for images in Google. The monthly Dash investment is much lower than my hourly photo hunting rate, and now I’m able to spend my time running campaigns and planning for the future.”

You’ll make better use of your assets

Creating visual content costs money. Perhaps you buy stock images, outsource to designers or use Canva to create graphics for social. Whatever it is, you'll want to make sure you're getting the most out of that investment.

As Jay, one of our own customers, told us:

“We have a large collection of photos and graphics. Dash is helping us store, tag, and retrieve them quickly, so we will save money on buying more stock photos and we will save staff time (and that means money) by having the photos immediately available.” Jay, CEO. G2

💡What’s more, if your teams can access everything all in one place, there'll be no need for duplicate content. Instead, they’ll feel inspired to create new ideas. Have a read of how Forthglade does this using Dash.


A sneak peek of Forthglade's Dash 👀

You’ll avoid costly mistakes

Making mistakes in your visual content can be costly, especially when a fair few can be avoided. Take these as an example (and discover how DAM can prevent them🙏):

  • Using photos you don’t have permission to use - using unauthorised assets can get you into hot water. A digital asset management tool like Dash will give you a way to manage image rights and ensure you have proper processes in place.

configurable (1)You can see expiry dates and usage rights in Dash

  • Using the wrong logo or graphic in your marketing — this doesn’t just damage your brand’s reputation, it can be expensive to fix too. With Dash, people will have access to the most up-to-date assets, and they can be notified whenever anything goes out of date.

“(In Dash) we tag by …usage rights. (This) is especially important for images that come from a photographer or an influencer. We also use things like setting a deadline on Christmas-themed logos for example - nobody wants to see those in January!” Nathan Oakly, Chief Operating Office at RJ Living.


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You’ll see a boost to the ROI of marketing campaigns

Visual content is paramount to your marketing campaigns. Just take a look at our blog post where we talk about the importance of visual marketing.

What’s more, paid ads and promoted posts on social are increasingly expensive, so getting your visual content on point is important for conversion rates.

A DAM tool will ensure your teams can access those images all in one place. Not only does this mean campaigns can launch quickly, but your colleagues will feel inspired by the content they see, meaning more creative campaigns. 💡

Which DAM tool is best for ROI?

The return on investment you get with DAM will depend on the product you choose. After all, not all DAMs are built the same. If you’re in a smaller business, steer clear of expensive DAMs geared towards big enterprise companies. Signing up for a costly DAM will only make it harder for you to prove ROI further down the line. And you don't want to pay for features you don’t need.

Going for a powerful, yet affordable, DAM (like Dash) is a much better option. You’ll have a simpler user experience without the price tag. (In fact, we won the award for DAM with the best-estimated ROI for small businesses on G2). 😇

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