Upload assets from Drive or Dropbox straight into Dash

Tired of downloading files from Drive or Dropbox, only to re-upload them into Dash?

Well, I've got good news for you. When you want to add new visual content to Dash, you can now pick whether to import assets from your Google Drive or Dropbox. 🥳

Here's what it looks like:

HubSpot Video


Why's this useful?

First off, it makes it easy to maintain your existing folder structure. You can select entire Dropbox or Drive folders and upload them into Dash. This is super handy if you've been given access to a folder full of assets that should be in Dash. Plus it can dramatically shorten the time it takes to get started if you're new Dash customer. There's a reason we've been won G2's most implementable DAM award, after all. 😇

But that's not all. This will be useful if you're using local folders to collect and sort large numbers of assets before they're ready to go into Dash. Think of a photoshoot, for instance. Shoots create hundreds, if not thousands, of new assets from a photographer to go through. Some customers ask their photographers to upload the raw shots into a local Dropbox folder, which they'll use as a holding pen while they pick the shots they actually want to use. You'll now be able to do this straight from Dash.

Worried about accidentally adding a ton of duplicate files? The integration's got you covered. It will automatically scan for duplicates and it won't upload them if the asset is already in your Dash. 

So how do you get started? Connecting Dash to your Drive or Dropbox accounts is simple, just follow the instructions on our Help Centre:

Give us a shout if you get stuck. And, as ever, if you have any feedback do let us know!

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