Join as a Dash partner

Set your clients up for success and earn up to 30% lifetime commission.

Calling freelancer and agencies working with growing businesses! Dash can help your clients organise their visual content. The quicker they can find their images and video, the faster they can grow.

Earn 20% commission as soon as 2 clients become Dash customers. Once more than 5 clients sign up, your commission will increase to 30%!

Ready to get started?

What's in it for you?

  • Earn up to 30% commission
  • Access our award-winning support
  • Take self-paced training courses
  • A library of help articles at your fingertips

Make your client's day

You're about to send over all the assets you've been working on to your client. Your work deserves better than to languish in a Drive folder or a WeTransfer link.

Set your client up with Dash instead. They can:

  • Find and search for all their visual content
  • Share assets with their team and partners
  • Get their content ready for campaigns, quickly


Who can join the partner programme?

Our programme will be the best fit if you're a freelancer or agency working with growing brands. You'll most likely be providing them with some form of visual content - like new product photos or an entire rebrand design.

What's the steps when I sign up?

Once you sign up, here's what'll happen:

  1. Create a free trial for your client
  2. Upload your client's content to their Dash
  3. Pick your subscription plan and sign up in the app (or have your client do this)
  4. Once 2 clients sign up, you'll be entitled to your commission
  5. Three months after sign up, we'll be in touch to let you know how much to invoice us for
How do I refer a customer?

It's easy - just set up your client's free trial using this form. 

If your client wants to create the free trial themselves, just ask them to let us know you referred them via our in-app chat.

How does your commission structure work?

To start earning commission, 2 of your clients will have had to sign up.

When that happens, you'll earn a 20% total commission of their subscription.

Once more than 5 clients become Dash customers, your commission will go up to 30%. That's off every customer you've sent our way, including the ones you were earning 20% on previously.

How do I get paid?

2 of your clients will have to sign up to Dash for you to start earning commission.

We'll run payments every three months. Here's how it works:

  • Three months after a customer signs up, we'll check they've paid their invoices
  • We'll then send you a message letting you know how much to invoice us for
  • Once you invoice us, you'll be paid 
Do I get rewarded if I refer another partner?

You do indeed! If you refer a partner who sets at least two of their clients up with a paid Dash, we'll send you £500 as a thank you.