7 reasons to use digital asset management for marketing

If you ask a group of marketers what their biggest challenges are, (we’re talking to you!) we bet the answers would be pretty diverse. But whether you’re talking about budgets, resource, creativity or strategy, chances are conversations will usually come back to one word: time.

Don’t you dream of more time for your teams? Time to keep abreast of the competition, think up the next big plan, keep ideas fresh and creative.

But what eats into those precious hours?

Visual file admin. ❌

It makes sense when half of all marketers say visual marketing is ‘very important’ to their strategy.

You’ve got reams of visual content to produce that need to be put together for your campaigns. You’ve got folders full of logos and graphics and your colleagues are all hunting around for the right one for them. And contact lists of freelancers and journalists who all need content in a hurry. But first...

What is digital asset management in marketing?

We're glad you asked. Digital asset management (DAM) is a way for marketers to search, share and use their brand's images and videos. Rather than keeping all their graphics and product photos hidden away in Drive or Dropbox, a good DAM (like Dash) lets marketers organise their content and find it - quickly.

What are the benefits of DAM for marketers?

1. DAM gives you space to be creative

When time is tight, it’s easy to stick to the familiar. But relying on the same images in your marketing can make your brand feel pretty stale.

A DAM makes your visual content easy to explore and download - meaning richer and more versatile brand expression. For marketers, this means you can spend more time on the work you were hired to do. Don’t take our word for it - read how our customer, Orca, used DAM to transform how they use their photography assets.

2. Sharing content is easy

Sending out visual content is a necessity for all kinds of marketing, communications and PR. These are the people you need to impress - but giving them content manually often consumes email inboxes and leaves room for error. Keeping up conversations about what’s needed takes time - even more so when different time zones stretch them even further!

Marketing_Share-AssetsWith digital asset management, marketers can share content publicly with varying degrees of control over its access. If tracking is important, ask people to sign up; if breadth of exposure is more important, create a collection that’s fully public. The people who want your content can browse and search for themselves, 24/7, then download in the format they need. Their experience of your brand after this? A very smooth and positive one.

3. Get control over file access

Your visual content is precious - after all, it takes time and money to make. A DAM tool protects those assets, while making sure they can get into the right hands quickly.

If it’s important that people can only get files before or after a certain date, DAMs have embargo and expiry settings that’ll switch off access automatically. All the work done for you, with added peace of mind.

4. Keep everything consistent

When all the people who need your logo are getting it from different places, the overall result will always be a little patchy. And we’re not just talking about your own network - it’s not unknown for someone to have a cheeky search on Google Images, if they’re stuck! The end result? Versions that are out-of-date, pixilated low-res or RGB instead of CMYK.

If everyone knows the DAM system is the place for the latest versions of your logos, photos and graphics - and in the correct formats - it’s a million times easier to keep things tidy. And everyone can get files faster, with less need for your intervention.

5. Take the pressure off your designers

Taking care of content - cropping, re-sizing, re-formatting - is a quick job if you have in-house designers. But when smaller marketing teams need these occasional but specialist jobs doing, it’s a question of reaching out to freelancers or getting Photoshop. But these resources are so sophisticated - it’s almost the equivalent of renting a recording studio to make a voicemail greeting!

Digital asset management has a great side benefit for marketers: no need to pay someone else for those simple jobs anymore. For example, anyone can use Dash’s smart, in-built cropping and conversion tools to prepare and download an image in seconds - ready for that email, web page or social post right away.

6. Integrate with your essential tools

While a DAM system makes searching and downloading infinitely easier for anyone using it, there will be times designers wish they could skip even that step! If a brochure layout needs 30 images and graphics, that’s still a lot of extra file management.

This is where the ability to integrate sets some DAM systems ahead of the pack. You, your team or your freelancers may use Photoshop (for the complex work it’s intended for) and other specialist software such as InDesign, Illustrator or Sketch. A DAM like Dash can connect to them quickly, creating a direct link that puts stored images straight into layouts.

7. Simplicity for everything else

A DAM library reduces reliance on way, way more than Photoshop, too. How many of us have forgotten whether we’ve shared or stored an essential file via WeTransfer, Google Drive or Dropbox? When different team members take up a hodgepodge of free subscriptions to solve their own individual problems, chaos can ensue.

This is where a DAM tool can transform the comings and goings of a busy team of marketers. It gives you the benefits of all these tools and platforms in a single joined-up place. In practice, that’s one set of passwords to remember, one address to visit and one customer support team to help!

Not everyone’s a content expert - and they shouldn’t be. However, with DAM at your disposal, you can achieve things you probably never thought possible without freelance help or serious training. It grants you and your teams unprecedented flexibility and agility in areas only specialists could previously master. It saves time in so many parts of the working day, and provides a slick, seamless experience for the people you want to impress.


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